August 25, 2017

How Many Dog Treats Should You Give Your Dog?

There is so much talk about the type of food to feed your dog, what kind of treats to give, whether you should count the calories, etc., that after researching article after article, the simple rule of thumb is to use common sense.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all chart for your dog’s specific needs or a secret formula to perfectly suit any size dog. Why? Because every dog is unique- just like us! As we differ from one another in age, health, and work, so there are a few areas to keep in mind when gauging how many dog treats to feed your dog.

Here they are:

The activity of your dog. Does he get to run in the backyard? Does he go for long walks? Is he spunky for activity? Is this the normal day to day routine? If so, then, you could probably follow the recommended amount shown on the label of your dog food. He or she won’t gain weight with this good active routine. He will burn the calories taken in, and at the same time get the nourishment it needs.

The health of your dog. Has your dog recently been through surgery? Has it experienced separation anxiety or just not feeling herself? Usually, dogs will eat less by their own choice during times like these. So, stay with this program for a while. Perhaps feeding him or her small amounts, but of what she really likes, like wet food or her favorite dog treat. Then add in the dry food as she starts gaining her strength back.

The age of your dog. Is your dog less active because of age? Just can’t do what she used to? Lounges around the house without the excitement even when encouraged? Then you might want to cut back on the amount of food. Short walks would be a great treat for your dog.

It’s always good to check your dog’s weight from time to time. The veterinarian will suggest a recommended weight, but often, you can tell just by feeling around the dog’s neck and rib area. You should be able to feel the ribs a little, that’s a good thing. Not overweight. If you can’t feel the ribs and find a good pinch of fat around the neck and back area, you’ll probably want to cut back on the number of dog treats you give your dog. Exercise is great, but be reasonable. You want a happy and healthy dog, and you will, if you continue to watch how much you feed you dog.

Dog Treats for Training – Do They Work?

Dog treats for training. Trust me when I say that Bailey’s preferred method of training is by the use of dog treats! We have successfully used Best Dog Treats for training Bailey to do her tricks. I have tried the clicker method and the dog treat method of training and I have found that a dog will try really hard to learn when you have a tasty treat in hand.

How can you use dog treats for training your dog? When you are trying to train a dog to do a new trick, or just to sit or stay, patience and dog treats go a long way toward succeeding and having fun with your dog. What you need to do is to state a clear command and make sure that you always use the same command. For example: to a dog "Sit” and "Sit Down” are two different things, so you should pick one and stick to it. Once your dog makes small effort to do what you want reward them with a small treat or piece of a treat. Repeat this process rewarding your dog with a treat each time he makes progress in doing what you are trying to train him to do.

Dog Treats can also be effective for training your dog to break a bad habit. Recently Bailey started getting into a bad habit of pulling away from me on the leash when I would try to get her closer as a car approached. This was a habit that needed to be broken quickly. To train her to break this habit I had a few options, I could have gotten a training collar which would inflict a bit of pain when she would pull. Instead, I chose to use dog treats for training. I started by rewarding her for coming quickly when I would say "Come” when there were no distractions. After a week or so of this she was coming much more quickly. Then I started using dog treats to reward her when she would come when there were distractions. Now she happily comes quickly when I call her close even when there are distractions and she would have ignored me in the past. Chock one up for using dog treats for training! And as I mentioned, Bailey fully endorses this method!

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